Fines are not currently being accrued on overdue items. Please return them as soon as possible at no cost to you .  On September 29th 2018 we will reinstate the current  overdue book policy as follows:

10 cents/day for all Nickerson material

50 cents/day for InterLibrary Loan material

Full price of books for all lost or damaged books

3 weeks for everything except current month’s magazines

1 week on current month’s magazines

February and August are amnesty month each year; you can return all overdue books and the late fees will be waived.

After 6 months of being overdue the price of the books is due and patron will not be able to check out more than one book at a time until books are returned on time 5 times.

Fines do not have to be paid in order to check out books unless the fine is 30 days overdue or the fee is $5.00 or more.